RTDNA Edward R Murrow Awards            

Frequently Asked Questions

Member vs. Non Member Price

I am not an RTDNA member. How do I purchase a membership to get the member discount on entries?
To become an RTDNA member, click here.
Why won't the system give me the member price for my entries?
Please note that RTDNA memberships are purchased by individuals. We do NOT have station or organization memberships. Stations are allowed use the memberships of their staff members to get a discounted price. At the time of submitting an entry you must click the 'Validate Your Membership' button to verify that the membership exists and is active. The email address you provide on this page should be that of the RTDNA Member. The system will only recognize the member if they use the email address that is associated with their membership.
I used the email address that is associated with my membership, but the system is still not recognizing me as a member. What do I do?
Your membership may be expired. Please email Karen Hansen to check on the status of your membership.


What region am I in?
Please see the map below to find your region.
What region do I fall in if I am an international entrant?
All international small market stations, large market stations, and local online news organizations are a part of Region 14.

Do I need to select Region if I am a network?
Yes. Network entrants compete nationally, but the Region field is required for all entrants.


Where can I find a list of categories and their requirements?
For a list of all of the 2019 Edward R. Murrow Award Categories please click here.

What if I enter my category into the wrong region, category, market size, or medium?
Please check and double check that you are submitting your entries into the correct categories.  RTDNA is not responsible for miscategorized entries and will disqualify entries that are improperly submitted.  
Can I enter multiple entries in one category?
Yes and no. Only one Newscast entry, Overall Excellence entry and Multimedia entry can be entered per station. Stations can enter multiple entries in all other categories. (For example: Station WXYZ-TV can only enter one Newscast entry, one Overall Excellence entry and one Multimedia entry.)
Can I enter the same entry in multiple categories?
Yes and no. Stations CANNOT enter an entry in the Hard News Reporting category and the Feature Reporting category.  Stations can enter the same entry (or parts of the same entry) in all other categories.


What forms of payment do you accept?
RTDNA accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards.  We require all purchases under $1,500 be paid by credit card.  Purchases exceeding $1,500 can be paid by check. (Please mail checks to RTDNA HQ: 529 14th Street N.W. Suite 1240, Washington, D.C. 20045). Checks must be made out to RTDNA (the Radio Television Digital News Association).
What is the deadline for payment?
All entries must be paid for in full by the close of the competition. If your entries are not paid for by Thursday, February 14, 2019  your entries will not be judged. If you are paying by check, RTDNA must receive the check on or before Tuesday, February 19th 2019.

Entry Details

Can I provide multiple links for my entry?
No. Your entry must be submitted in one single link.  If your entry is a composite entry, you must edit your separate stories together.  (The exceptions to this category are the Multimedia and Social Media categories.) Your main link should be your home page, and please provide subsequent supporting links.
Whose name should we list as the entrant?
The entrant name is not important with regards to winning an award. Edward R. Murrow Awards are only presented to stations, networks and organizations, not individuals. The entrant listed should be available to answer questions regarding information put on the entry form.
How long should the link to my entry be active?
Entrants are responsible for making sure that entry links are active through the time of judging and at least through the end of 2019. If the link is not active at the time of judging, the entry will be disqualified immediately and entry fees will not be refunded. RTDNA encourages entrants to keep links active permanently.
I am an independent journalist, can I still enter the Edward R. Murrow Awards?
Yes. RTDNA encourages all journalists to enter.  We ask that you enter in the market and medium where your piece was first broadcast.
My entry is not in English, can I still enter the Edward R. Murrow Awards?
Yes. Non-English entries are required to include subtitles or English-translated scripts with their piece. The entry form includes a button to mark entries in Spanish. 
Can I mail my entry to RTDNA?
No. RTDNA will not accept mailed entries. The entry form is entirely digital and all supporting materials must be provided on the entry form.

Please note: RTDNA may utilize elements of any awards submission for promotional purposes, including but not limited to: web links to entries, archived still images, audio and/or video stored and displayed on its own website(s), and live streamed or recorded online broadcasts of awards ceremonies in which clips of winning entries are presented.